Monday, May 21, 2007

TIme off city life.......Alas!!!

Sometimes life gets so hectic y ou wont even find time to do things that you have been planning up from a very longtime, like.... outing with loved ones, or hangout with friends, catch up with long lost pals, grab a drink with college buddies...many like these..,
Worst part is when your home front tells you that it has been 3-4 days since they saw me or spoke to me..... very sick feeling. This happened to me once, i returned home as usual afetr catching up with friends after work...say by 830pm. Mommy dear opens the door and says that dad expressed that he did not speak to me nor saw my face for 3 days, and asked my mom if i was at home. This happened so, coz by the time i return home it would be around 930pm, and thats when my dad usually goes to bed. So i would sleep after havin dinner alone... without even speaking to dad. Then the next morning, i would get up early in the morning to finish my daily stuff, and be ready by 8 and catch up a small nap till 930 till the cab guy comes home. so i miss out on meeting Dad before he leaves to work...... hmmm., bad life style i feel....we all have been giving our company moretime than we give our family and friends.....a couple of weeks back, me and my best buddies planned up a trip to Nandi hills. This was something we all waited for....a very long period. Well, trip was something which words cant explain, if u saw our faces u would definitely get to know how happy we were to catch up a lil trip outside bangalore city. we took pictures, sang funny songs.....enjoyment was to the core. loved every bit of it. So guys we should make a plan say every two weeks just to go for a long drive, go to a place away from city, yopu will enjoy to the max, and take my word on it. ....Try it, then lemme know how you felt..